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Selendang Koto Gadang

In this page we present two shoulder cloths with motifs from Koto Gadang. It is a village near Bukittinggi, just across the canyon, famous as a silversmith village but whose artisan also produce high quality embroidery.

It is believed that in the past, weavers in the village also produced textiles with highly sophisticated motifs. The design tends towards less geometrical pattern. Animal and floral themes appear more frequently compared to those motifs in other parts of Minangkabau land. It seems that the artisans from Koto Gadang was more receptive to foreign influences.

A red silk shoulder cloth 60 cm wide and 230 cm long, decorated with figures of stags. The border pattern shows clearly distinct curves instead of zigzags, and the end panel contains a large design that seems to have been influenced by Indian textile pattern.

Another shoulder cloth filled with pattern of birds, cocks, and floral designs. Continuous supplementary weft. The border and end panel designs are similar.