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List of Motifs

The following list gives the names of songket motifs which are current in Pandaisikek since the 70's. Older names are disappearing as production follows the trends; newer names are sometimes invented ad hoc by a trader or weaver to fulfill the need of communicating the patterns being woven or on order. Not all unique patterns have an identifiable name.

  1. Barantai Merah, Red Chains
  2. Barantai Putiah, White Chains
  3. Itiak Pulang Patang, ducks going single file
  4. Saluak Laka, Woven Rattan
  5. Cukie Simasam, from the name of a plant
  6. Bada Mudiak, a school of little fish going upstream
  7. Atue Bada, little fish strung on a reed
  8. Batang Pinang, the trunk of areca palm tree
  9. Bayam, Seeds of spinach
  10. Labu-labu, a string of fruits
  11. Saga, the hard fibers from palm tree
  12. Incek Antimun, cucumber seeds
  13. Tirai, filigree or curtain
  14. Ulek Tantadu, caterpillar
  15. Ula Gerang, a snake
  16. Pucuak Rabuang, Bamboo Shoot
  17. Cukie Kaluak, alternatively called Kaluak Paku, a fern curly tip
  18. Cukie Baserak, alternatively Sajamba Makan, spread patterns
  19. Balah Kacang, split peanuts
  20. Cukie Buah Palo, Nutmegs
  21. Saik Kalamai, slices of cake
  22. Tampuak Manggih, Maggosteen stem
  23. Tampuak Manggih Putih, same as above but with more solid fill
  24. Api-api, matchsticks
  25. Kunang-kunang, fireflies
  26. Piala-piala, cups
  27. Susun Siriah, an ordered pack of betel leaves
  28. Sirangkak Bakuruang, land crabs enclosed
  29. Bungo Sikakau, a type of fern
  30. Silala Rabah, thatch
  31. Salapah, Tobacco boxes

Note that the motifs represent a single design that is repeated over the width and length of a cloth. These patterns are usually geometrical and symmetrical.

Other names refer to overall design, look, and technical characteristics of a woven cloth. The names are used to identify types of weaving which are specific to different regions in Minangkabau.

  1. Kain Balapak, the solid fully decorated gold cloth, most common in Padangpanjang area
  2. Kain Bacatue, the type of weaving where discontinuous supplementary weft is more dominant
  3. Kain Kapalo Duo, a headdress specific to Batipuh region
  4. Kain Balambak, a wrap-around sarung from Agam region. Additional band or bands of songket are sewn onto the main piece.
  5. Tingkuluak Sungayang, a headdress from the village of Sungayang, near Batusangkar
  6. Kain Tarewai, man's shoulder cloth, also from Sungayang